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Oud (Oudh) is a product derived from the Bukhoor family. Unlike Bukhoor and Mamool, Oudh Maattar contains concentrated oil in the packaging all through its life. 

Oudh is popularly known as liquid gold, bearing to the fact that it is one of the most expensive fragrances across the world. Predominantly musky and sensual, this fragrance can be blended with floral or fruity notes to create new fragrances. Over the past few decades Oudh has found a seat at the table of many high end clothing and perfume brands. 

This fragrance has travelled through history, finding its way from the jungles of India and Bangladesh to some of the biggest and expensive brands across the world.

Made from wood chips, these unique fragrances are dipped in concentrated essential oils and packed with a portion of the concentration, thus making it a long life product. The presence of essential oils for the lifetime of the product makes it a completely different experience for our customers!

Breathe Oud!