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'A good fragrance has the power to create memories and emotions'

The word Attar is derived from the Persian word 'otto' or 'ottar' which means perfume or scent. Attars are created by extracting scent from flowers, herbs and other natural sources, through processes such as distilization. The presence of Attar dates back several centuries. 

Premium Attar is a 100% natural perfumed oil derived from various natural sources, such as flowers, herbs, spices, or barks. The process of extracting this essential oil is a long one, ranging anywhere from a month to 30 years (Dhenal Oudh)!

Attars are mainly used as a perfume, however they are also helpful for medicinal and aphrodisiacal purposes.

Given the high concentration of essence, attars are known to linger longer than perfumes or mists. Our Attar collections have been designed around the world of Oudh, blending in essentials from Nature's best!

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