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HSA Perfumes

Attar Emani Essential Parfum Oil

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Emani talks about Faith! A word strong enough to depict more than emotions and feelings. It talks about faith in the good things, in positivity, in religion, in truth, in everything that keeps you going. This attar holds the balance of a perfect mix, with fragrances of every variant coming together to create something beautiful.

This Attar is a balanced blend made with the mild sourness of Lime, strong bitterness of Neem, and crispness of Betelnut. Feel the Faith in your Fragrance!

Brand Hassan Shahin Ahmed Perfumes
Item Form Attar (Parfum Essential Oil)
Item Content 6ml, 10ml, 12ml
Material Type Concentrated Oil


Fragrance Family Lime
Scent Type Neem
Key Notes Crispy  Betelnut


Made in the United Arab Emirates 

Note for Usage: Dab it lightly at pulse points, adjust as needed. 

Safety Notice: Keep away from the reach of children/animals. Do not swallow/rub in the eyes. If swallowed, gargle immediately. If rubbed in the eyes, rinse heavily with plenty of water and consult a doctor.