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Holland Made

Charcoal Disc / Pucks 1 roll (10 Piece)

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Three Kings Incense charcoal has set the standard for quality in this industry and is the benchmark for many.

Large Pucks come in rolls of 10 to a package. And provide up to 10 hours of use which is more than double the burning time of the Small Pucks and 3 times longer than the Mini Pucks. The large Pucks are the most economical and give us the best burn for our buck.

To use your charcoal pucks for burning incense, prepare a non-flammable Ceramic or metal bowl or dish and line it with at least 1 inch of sand, fine gravel or unscented kitty litter.

To light, the charcoal lay it on your bed of insulating material and light an edge with a lighter. When it starts sputtering it should sputter and spark all the way through the charcoal.

Wait until it is burning evenly and there is a layer of fine white ash covering the charcoal.

Holland-made charcoal premium brand, internationally recognized in the Incense world for its consistent quality level and dependability. The Charcoal is known as quick lighting charcoal briquettes. Each briquette ignites easily and quickly by holding a simple, small-flamed lighter.